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“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.” Max Depree


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“Thank you for being such a wonderful coach for my son and our family. He had difficulty wrestling with his father's alcohol problems and other family communication issues and was finding it too much to bear on his own. We had an unfortunate experience with another counselor who immediately prescribed ADHD medication without taking the care and time to find out what was really going on. He had a terrible reaction to the medications, instead of easing his worries, it exacerbated his anxiety. Needless to say, we were very worried and I contacted a friend who recommended Stacey. Luckily for my son, we found someone who was compassionate, and could relate to teens in a straightforward manner with a laser like focus on helping them discover the way towards a healthy sense of self. It takes a tremendous amount of skill and talent to work with teens in crisis. Stacey has a fierce determination to get to the bottom of things and offer relevant and age appropriate tools that my son could use at difficult emotional times and will probably serve him well for years to come. She is loyal, committed to her patients and willing to step in and advise on decisions they may make that could affect the rest of their lives in a caring but wise manner. After several months of therapy my son was much happier, confident, focused on the future and more self aware. Even when my son was feeling more confident and had the tools to manage emotional highs and lows, Stacey stepped in to help guide him through a decision making process that left alone could have affected his future and caused him to have regrets. Only someone like Stacey, who cared and understood my son but had the trust and objective view would have been able to walk him through that difficult decision making process. Thank you Stacey!”


Adolescent Therapy/Family Therapy

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