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"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old,  but on building the new" - Socrates


Articles Stacey has written or participated:

  • Bruen, Stacey. "Fair is Not Equal" MASK Magazine, Mothers Awareness on School-Age Kids Issue 2, Volume 6, (Summer 2016).
  • Bruen, Stacey. "Building Empathy: What's Our Part?" MASK Magazine, Mothers Awareness on School-Age Kids Issue 4, Volume 4, (Winter 2015), pp 44-45.
  • Bruen, Stacey. "A Date? What's That?" Mountainside Fitness Magazine (Arizona/Colorado/California). Issue 16, (Winter 2012), pp 22-23.
  • Bruen, Stacey. "Bullying: Know "What's up?" With Your Kid." Mountainside Fitness Magazine (Arizona/Colorado/California). Issue 15, (Fall 2011), pp 22.
  • Bruen, Stacey. "FEEL." Mountainside Fitness Magazine (Arizona/Colorado). Issue 13, (Spring 2011), pp 8-9.
  • Bruen, Stacey. "Celebrating a United Front. The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Children." Mountainside Fitness Magazine (Arizona/Colorado). Issue 12, (Winter 2011), pp 14-15.
  • Bruen, Stacey."30 Day What-You-Can-say-Challenge." Mountainside Fitness Magazine (Arizona/Colorado). Issue 11, (Fall 2011), pp 8-10.
  • Bruen, Stacey."Birthday A Different Way." Mountainside Fitness Magaine (Arizona/Colorado). Issue 10, (Summer 2010), pp 28-30.
  • Bruen, Stacey."GREEN: The True Value of a Friend." Mountainside Fitness Magazine (Arizona/Colorado). Issue 9, (Spring 2010), pp9-21.
  • Bruen, Stacey."Creating a Life of Self Worth" and "Honor
  • Yourself." Mountainside Fitness Magazine (Arizona/Colorado).

    Issue 8, (Summer 2009), pp 32-33.

  • Bruen, Stacey."Validating Your Parents: Ways To Treat Them Extra Special." Mountainside Fitness Magazine (Arizona/Colorado). Issue 7, (Spring 2009), p 15.
  • Bruen, Stacey.."Back to the Basics.""Setting Financial Limits within a Family" and "Practical Alternatives for a Simpler Lifestyle."Mountainside Fitness Magazine (Arizona/Colorado). Issue 6, (Winter 2009), pp 40-41.
  • Toombs, Barbara. "Living Through A Layoff: What to tell the Kids."
  • Raising Arizona Kids Magazine (Arizona). (December 2008), p 12.
  • Bustamante, Kristin. "Start with Self-esteem." Arizona Parenting Magazine (Arizona). (August, 2006), pp 20-24.
  • Nolan, Kate. "Free Lesson in Child Discipline." Arizona Republic and
  • Scottsdale Republic (Arizona/Colorado). (April 25, 2005).
  • Ryan, Jennifer. "Seminar Aims to Give Kids a Head Start on Self-Esteem." Scottsdale Republic (Arizona). (April 29, 2005), pp 40-41.
  • Anchors, Sarah. "Goals for new year need to be few and focused." Arizona Republic (Arizona). (December 31, 2003).
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