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About Stacey

Stacey is in the business of helping people challenged with mental, emotional, and/or behavioral problems through customized and compassionate therapy sessions.


A Note From Stacey: Her Enlightened Path

My passion for wanting to assist, educate, and listen to others started when I was in high school at Canandaigua Academy in upstate New York. I participated in a therapeutic theatre group called "Cultural Concepts Theatre Awareness."


We traveled to other schools and presented/acted out the challenges of which teenagers were faced (eating disorders, drugs/drinking, divorce, suicide, etc.). This was an incredible experience to have at such a young age which exposed me to the realities of our world.


Before my senior year at Purdue University, I applied to be a counselor on campus. This meant, a full ride, a monthly stipend, and enduring a major commitment and responsibility. I got the job! I was responsible for 58 female students to assess and evaluate  each student’s needs and identify any challenges. I was able to assist them with setting goals, problem solving, resolving conflict, and identifying the importance of time management. This was just the beginning of my therapeutic endeavors to guide others towards a favorable direction.


Following grad-school with a Masters in Counseling Psychology, I immediately established a private practice while also being employed at as a certified counselor at Phoenix Interfaith Counseling (PIC), providing services to individuals, children, couples, and families.  I enjoyed my time and experience as a group facilitator for Dialectic Behavioral Therapy Group (DBT) and as a panel member for the Child and Adolescent Treatment Team. I eventually shifted to a full-time private practice where I could also place more energy contracting out to guest speak at seminars.


My path continues to wind, and I feel blessed to have an active family filled with a loving husband, three incredible children, Munson, our soon-to-be therapy dog, and a job that gives back!


Everyone deserves an opportunity to reach their potential for happiness. We also have the power within us to be the person we truly wish to be! Once again, it is a process. This one just happens to be mine.

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