Stacey Bruen - Licensed Professional Counselor - Nationally and Board Certified

“Thank you for being such a wonderful coach for my son and our family. He had difficulty wrestling with his father's alcohol problems and other family communication issues and was finding it too much to bear on his own. We had an unfortunate experience with another counselor who immediately prescribed ADHD medication without taking the care and time to find out what was really going on. He had a terrible reaction to the medications, instead of easing his worries, it exacerbated his anxiety. Needless to say, we were very worried and I contacted a friend who recommended Stacey. Luckily for my son, we found someone who was compassionate, and could relate to teens in a straightforward manner with a laser like focus on helping them discover the way towards a healthy sense of self. It takes a tremendous amount of skill and talent to work with teens in crisis. Stacey has a fierce determination to get to the bottom of things and offer relevant and age appropriate tools that my son could use at difficult emotional times and will probably serve him well for years to come. She is loyal, committed to her patients and willing to step in and advise on decisions they may make that could affect the rest of their lives in a caring but wise manner. After several months of therapy my son was much happier, confident, focused on the future and more self aware. Even when my son was feeling more confident and had the tools to manage emotional highs and lows, Stacey stepped in to help guide him through a decision making process that left alone could have affected his future and caused him to have regrets. Only someone like Stacey, who cared and understood my son but had the trust and objective view would have been able to walk him through that difficult decision making process. Thank you Stacey!” 
Adolescent Therapy/Family Therapy

"Hi stranger!!  I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate how much you helped me thru my divorce..... you gave me such great solid advice and guidance that has been priceless to me!  I've never felt so strong, healthy and happy and I'm not sure I would have gotten here without going through it all with you!  I know what you do is a "job" for you, but my time with you was priceless to me..... so THANK YOU!!! "
Individual Therapy/Divorce Transition 

"My 25 year old son died in 2003 while serving with the USMC during the Iraq war. My personal physician referred me to Stacey in 2004 and I have seen her continuously since then. Stacey has impacted my life and my relations with my family members in such an incredible, purposefully positive manner that I actually credit her with saving my life. She helped me to learn to see life and God with love, peace and understanding. If I had not been referred to her I could in no way be in the position I am now. My life has forever been blessed by all the good she does and the expertise and care she brings to her clients."
Individual Therapy

“This was a situation were I was given the ability to focus on my mind set and increase my personal and professional performance. Stacey focused on mindfulness and strategies to reduce questioning my anxieties and improved my public image with successful media performance. I trusted Stacey and her discretion and professional values. She is someone who I will continue to rely on."
Sports Psychology

“If there are angels here on earth (and I believe there are), you are one of God’s shining stars! Meeting with you today was wonderful, and I felt an instant and trusting rapport with you. You opened up areas that I have never before considered; but they are important to know and for me to understand. You made me not only look into the mirror, but through it. Leaving your office, I felt as though my world I can get better, and that whatever happens, I have someone who will get me through the maze. I felt great comfort in that, and not so alone. You have given me such hope that I can find my old self again, and love my life and feel whole and happy.”  
Individual Counseling

   "I have worked with Stacey and referred complex patients to her practice for the past ten plus years.  We established a strong collegial relationship that facilitates a successful goal oriented “team” approach when working with mutual patients.  Stacey’s excellent communication, assessment, and intervention planning skills offer her patients quality therapy.  Additionally, she facilitated a successful group through Phoenix Interfaith for persons diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder.  Her extensive experience in focused treatment with pre-adolescent and adolescent children and their families directs guides and supports the patients to successful outcomes.  She is an advocate for all children and stays focused on a child’s sense of well being, health growth and security.   
   Stacey is creative, consistent, structured, passionate and authentic in her work which offers an environment for her patients to learn and exude the same excellent qualities. Her dynamic personality, openness, non judgmental, authentic approach encourages children, teens and adults to openly and comfortably express their thoughts and feelings.   Stacey maintains current in her education and knowledge.  She consistently attends seminars and conferences related to her practice.  She incorporates new, practical and preventative approaches into her therapy sessions.  
   It is a pleasure to work collegially with Stacey and our mutual patients are fortunate to experience her skill and support.  Her patient’s successful outcomes speak highly to her competency while her patient’s complimentary reports points to her strong ability to stay connected with patients during the often difficult moments of supported growth and change."

"Ms. Stacey and I worked harder than ever. Now this is where we get to present day. I currently have every eyelash and eyebrow on my face and haven’t picked for 4 months! Life is amazing. I learned so much from 2013. That to succeed you have to go through hardships. I now am confident, I can now go out in public, and not feel like everyone is starring at me. I have gone through so much, but hey I did it! 
     I dedicate this essay to the amazing Ms.Stacey. Without her everything would be a black hole. She has been there, She never gave up on me. She pushed me because she cares for me. Stacey, You aren’t just my doctor you are my cheerleader! Thank you for helping me become who I am today."
TEENAGER's Excerpt from her Hero's Report
Individual/Family Therapy working through Trichotillomania

"Thank you for helping me battle my anxiety. Without you I would have been a wreck."
Child Therapy